The Brave Little Toaster (Disney Presents) [VHS]

January 3, 2016 - Comment

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L.K. says:

Great movie, very bad DVD Oh boy, did I love this movie when I was little! I must’ve wasted half my childhood watching this thing. Yes, it’s got some scenes which may scare some young kids, but plenty of other animated movies have scary scenes, too. I didn’t get scared when I was watching this at the age of eight or nine. If your child is old enough to watch Bambi or the Lion King, he or she should have no problem with the Brave Little Toaster. Parents of very young children (i.e. four or five year olds) may want to preview the movie beforehand, though. For those who don’t know, this 1987 movie is not actually a Disney film. It was made by the independent studio Hyperion, and Disney ended up buying the TV and home video rights.I gave this two out of five stars because while the movie is excellent, the DVD itself is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. This might be the very worst DVD release I’ve ever seen. The picture shakes left and right throughout the entire duration of the movie. Not to mention…

Wayne Klein says:

Entertaining adaption of Tom Disch’s story Entertaining, suspenseful and with a good moral, The Brave Little Toaster works on many different levels for children. It’s well made and written. This actually isn’t a Disney production but an independent production company. The production design and use of colors will captivate your child’s attention. Additionally, the conflicts and some of the suspenseful situations mirror experiences that little ones have in their day to day experience.My only complaint is that the sequels produced aren’t up to the high quality of the first film. While the third film in the series (but second produced) The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars is very close in quality to the first film, the second film suffers from a lower budget and is missing the imaginative direction of the first film.As to the viewer who mentioned that there were images inappropriate for younger children–honestly, my kids can’t operate the pause button and never noticed the “image”. It isn’t nasty or subversive and I…

Consumerater says:

Great Movie, HORRIBLE DVD 0

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